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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  November 28, 2011 4:25am-5:00am EST

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one of the other agod victimmed release ad an audiotape. bernie fine denies all of the allegations. another big day ahead for holiday shoppers. today is cyber monday. shops will be trying to snag their best deals on the web. experts say u.s. online sales are expected to climb 17% from last year. talking sports again, the washington redskins are finally back in the win column. they beat the seattle seahawks yesterday 23-17 to snap a six- game losing streak. the physical battle began even before the kickoff. lindsay murphy was there. >> reporter: their longest losing streak since 1998 is no longer. you want to know how the redskins did it? the secrets lie within the four white lines of this very football field. during the. toss at mid field pregame is
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when the skins and seahawk started jawing at one another. >> a guy said something about us stepping on his seahawks. we do that everywhere we go. it wasn't anything disrespectful. he said something about us stepping on his seahawk and we're going to pay t kind of escalated from there. >> did you step on the seahawk? >> we do that on every stadium. it's nothing personal. it's mindset when you come into another place, you are not tippy toeing, you're coming in here trying to make it your place for three hours so i can understand them getting a little perturbed by that definitely. >> reporter: huddling and jumping on the opponent's logo at mid field, who knew that could fire up a team in the middle of a six-game losing skid. the team went to battle with seattle all game long. >> both teams, losing records and just trying to make
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something happen, man, put a spark on the team. we got to step up and be a man out there. it's a man's gea. >> reporter: you wonder what is being said when the pushing and shoving is going down. >> it's a lot of talking. >> some mama jokes. >> it don't really matter to me because i know they don't know my ma'am ma ma. that's because they don't know my mama. so that don't bother me. >> reporter: there won't be any locate foe the redskins to amazon.comen on next week except their open but maybe the new york jets will bring some heat to fedex field. we still have plenty ahead.
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good morning on this monday, november 28th, 2011. it is cyber monday. it doesn't feel too bad out there today. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get a quick look at the weather with tony perkins. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> i'm fantastic. how are you? >> i can tell. it is nice outside. >> it is not bad at all. after a glorious weekend, we'll try to do the same today. we do have changes coming, more clouds and then eventually some rain. so let's jump right in and take a look at what is going on out there. we'll start with the current conditions being reported at reagan national airport. right now at reagan national, it is 55 degrees. not too bad out there. relative humidity, 83%. your winds are light. they are out of the south at three miles per hour. temperatures across the region, in the 50s. not a bad start to the day.
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54degrees right now in gaithersburg. 55 at dulles airport. 58 in annapolis. temperatures in the 60s off to the south and east. we've got plenty of clouds out there. more clouds build in and today, i think will be a mostly cloudy day. we'll get the rain showers moving in here and by tonight and into tomorrow, we'll certainly have some rain falling across the region. forecast for today though, cloudy skies, another mild day with above normal temperatures. today we're looking for highs in the upper 60s. not sure that we'll get to 70 but in the upper 60s for today and then maybe some rain beginning tonight. we'll have more detail on all of that coming up in just a little bit. >> the only thing julie wright heard was 70. >> that's right. on the way home yesterday, it
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was absolutely beautiful. you had the sun roof open, the dog even liked it. in the leer early this morning coming in out of rockville headed for the lane divide. light traffic volume on the top stretch of the beltway traveling between college park and bethesda. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it has happened again. another carjacking targeting a senior at the wheaton plaza. this is the third attack since last wednesday. fox's sherry live on the scene with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. the third as you mentioned in less than a week, all here in the wheaton yeample the latest tax happened right outside the target store here at the wheaton shopping mall. the suspect is armed with a knife or box cutter and
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yesterday's happened to a 77- year-old man who was forced to drive to an atm possibly trying to get cash from the victim's account and the suspect left his car in hyattsville and escaped. police say the same man is responsible for two other carjackings at around the mall. one on saturday. that victim was a 60-year-old who was carjacked at the giant grocery store in wheaton plaza not too far from the mall. he too was forced to withdraw cash from an atm before the suspect took off from a metro station in northwest d.c. now n the first carjacking, the day before thanksgiving, it was a 75-year-old man who was forced at knife point to withdraw money from atm machines. he was carjacked from wheaton plaza too. the suspect in that case also escaped on metro. police believe that the same suspect is again responsible for all three of these crimes but, at this point, they only have a vague description of the
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suspect. now, there does seem -- appear to be surveillance cameras throughout the mall. it is unclear at this point if any of those cameras may have captured that suspect or any of these carjackings on camera. back to you. >> thank you. d.c. police hope video from nearby security cameras will help track down people involved in a deadly fight that started inside a restaurant in dupont circle. police say it started inside the heritage india restaurant and club around 2:30 sunday morning. it spilled out onto connecticut avenue where three people were shot and three more were stabbed. 34-year-old yonte coleman was killed in the violence. police chief kathy lanier has ordered the club closed until an investigation is finished. two women are still fighting for their lives this morning after being pulled out of a burning house in
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hyattsville. medics resuscitated two women. they were currently in critical condition. a six-year-old boy died during the fire. the home did not have working smoke alarms and the cause is still under investigation. an emotional home coming for the georgetown university student who was arrested in egypt. derek sweeney arrived in st. louis late saturday night after spending almost a week in an egyptian jail accused of throwing fire bombs at police. sweeney describes his frightening experience. >> it was very, very frightening especially, yeah, that first evening was probably the most scary thing in my life. and they said they were going to shoot us if we moved and we spent about six hours the first night in nearly the fetal position. >> sweeney says the accusations
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against him are false. bernie fine has been fired as assistant coach of syracuse men's basketball team actually third man has now come forward and accused fine of molesting him as a young boy nine years ago. plus, one of his alleged victims turned over a recording of what he says was a phone conversation between himself and fine's wife. on it, laurie fine reportedly says she is aware that her husband abused the victim and that he has issues and is in denial. in sports news now, here is something we have not heard in a while. the redskins win. they rallied to beat the seattle seahawks 23-17. rookie running back roy helu kick started a fourth quarter comeback with a 28-yard touchdown run. then rex grossman capped off with a 50-yard touchdown strike to anthony armstrong. the redskins snapped a six-game loss losing streak and are now
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4-7 on the -- losing streak and are now 4-7 on the season. shoppers will be trying to snag the best deals on the web today. experts say u.s. sales are expected to climb 70% from last year. ar. black friday was one on the record books. according to the national retail federation, numbers were up 16% from last year with shoppers spending more than $52 billion. that is nearly $400 per person. 226million people shopped in stores and online over the weekend. rolling out the welcome mat at the white house today, up next, why president obama will be groteing some world leaders. plus, more violent protests in egypt has people there get set for a huge event today. we are checking more headlines on the other side of the break. when a s sore throat strikes,
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a deadly suicide bomber attack in iraq kills 11 people and injures at least 21 more. the bomber slammed a car packed with explosives into the gate of a prison in taji which is just 12 miles north of baghdad. egypt januarys continue to protest in cairo ahead of today's scheduled parliamentary election. thousands gather in tahrir square for a ninth straight day of pro-democracy demonstrations. protesters have been calling for the military to quickly transition to an elected government and move up a presidential election. meanwhile, celebrations are breaking out in morocco as the islamist party wins the most seats in the country's election. the king will now choose someone from the party to form
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a coalition out of the dozen parties making up the new parliament. russia's prime minister and former president announced his official nomination for russia's presidential election. ahead today, president obama will welcome european union leaders to a summitt at the white house. the meeting will focus on economic growth overseas. coming up, one of the biggest challenges for parents getting their kids ready for school, what to pack for lunch. we'll give you some tips. plus, we'll have your weather and traffic. we'll be right back. q you disgust me.
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in the first wash. stain, stain's gone. in the first. first wash. with resolve laundry stain remover you get four times more power. so it's guaranteed to remove tough stains in the first wash. trust resolve. forget stains. we are taking a live look over the u.s. capitol dome. still a little bit warm out there this morning. not too bad of a way to start off your day. meanwhile, people in rio
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celebrated their floating christmas tree with a fireworks display and concert. more than three million light bulbs were used to ill lululemon night the structure. the tree is 280 feet stall and hold the guiness world record for being the largest floating christmas tree. and speaking of christmas, it is the time of year we would like you to help trim our fox 5 christmas industry. we decorate it every year with oshments that you send in as well as? from local charities that we feature over the next few weeks. then we donate the tree and all the ornaments to a worthy group here in the d.c. region. so can you send ornaments to the address there on the screen. it is fox 5, 5151 wisconsin avenue northwest. washington, 2:00:16 we'll be looking forward to that. >> always very nice. >> nice is the word for the weather too. >> it is not bad. it is cloudy right now and we'll have more clouds today than we've had the last couple of days but our temperatures again will be mild appear well
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above normal the way things are shaping up right now. not bad at all. our current temperature is higher than what our average high is for the date so that is not a bad start. let's take a look at what is going on out there. let's start with hd radar. it's mild start to the day. and there could be some patchy fog out there this morning so you want to be aware of that. i saw no fog coming in but it certainly is a possibility that we could get some fog here and there. meanwhile, this is an hd radar. it does not show cloud cover but it does show precipitation. we do have clouds in across us. no precipitation this morning. nor do i really expect to see any during the day today. here is your system out to the west. we will eventually get some of this precip moving in here but i don't think it is untill tonight and probably late tonight and then into the day tomorrow as well. so for today, i think a dry day with the exception of some clouds and some patchy morning fog. let's go to the graphics. show you what is happening as
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far as our temperatures go. not bad. our average high for today is 53 degrees. we are at 55 degrees right now. 49 in baltimore. warmer off to the south and east. 61 in cambridge. 61 in leonardtown. we are at 48 in manassas at this hour. told you about clouds. here you go. you can see it here. more cloud cover streaming in from the south and west. this will certainly be the trend during the course of the day. mostly cloudy skies throughout date and again that precipitation remains off to the west until tonight when we'll findly get some of that in here. so, here is what we're looking at for today. some rain develops tonight, cloudy skies. high today in the upper 60s to near 07 degrees with the amount of cloud cover, i'm not sure we'll get to 70 for the high. tomorrow, rainfall, 62 degrees for your high temperature. we have temperatures dropping down significantly for the middle part and the end of the week where we'll be back to normal with highs only in the low 50s by week's end.
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that is a look at what is happening with the weather. now, let's get more on this morning's rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> right now, you will find lanes are open. no incidents to report as you work your way inbound along new york avenue leaving northeast to northwest. an easy commute there. southbound 207 still in good shape. 395 at speed as you travel northbound leaving the beltway up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. it is one of the many challenges parents face while getting their kids ready for school. what to pack for their lunch today. >> allison seymour has helpful ways to pack like a pro. >> it is always a challenge to get your little ones to eat healthy and school lunches may not always be the ideal meal your kids want and that you want for your kids. here is some good news. you always have the option of packing a lunch. in you need some creative ideas, we are here to help.
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i have help right now, popular blogger and lifestylist rachel stryzik is here with ways to pack like a pro. i'm so excite. i got toed amitt with three little ones, very rarely do we accepted them off with a packed lunch today. >> it is very hard and mornings are usually hard. we feel that packing a lunch possibly the night before which is what i recommend will save time and save money and able to pack that nutritious lunch for the kids. >> i feel like emotionally it is sweet that they say mom or dad packed this or i helped to pack it. >> exactly. >> what did you bring for us? >> instead of that kind of boring paper bag, there are some options here. disney has a great thing where kids can actually design the bag with you and they can put their name on it individually. that is one option or there is more of the traditional lunch sack which are insulated. this one specifically is from the container store but it has pockets signed which you can
4:49 am
contain the items a bit more organized. easy then to throw this into the refrigerator and next morning grab them on the way out the door. >> makes sense. >> interesting ideas and fun ideas for the contents that actually go inside of the lunch. another traditional take on what goes inside the lunch box, make it a little more fun for the carrots, the apple slices. make your child more involved and want to actually eat the contents inside. another option is the sort of lunch skins which is from a local mom here in the washington, d.c. area. they are resealable. a sandwich can go inside. >> very cool. >> they go into the dishwasher, lots of different colors. >> how father is that? >> it is great. then a lot of parents -- how fun is that? >> it is then a lot of parents do i pack the salads and hummus. i talk to them about ice packs. great way for kids to get the nutrition that they need and
4:50 am
still have it be -- again, this is a smaller one but having it be fresh the next day. next, sort of the contents of what goes inside of it. great way to organize, similar type thing. hummus. we can open this. great containers to actually organize what goes inside. i actually love this one. it is great for liquids. so when you do granola and yogurt in it or whether you do in the morning cereal and milk, comes with an actual spoon so it is organized. >> i have one of those. it is very handy. >> throw it in your lunch bag and just go. another complaint that i hear from par ernesto is it is just so hard to keep the fridge stocked. i am running around. i don'ts have v. as much timism told them think about dinner the night before. it is a great time to make more of what you want to use the next day. throw in one of these lunch packs. make it more interesting. it is the same meal but in a different form. kids like juice boxes. so a way to save money and a
4:51 am
way to cut down on the sugar, take a big bottle of justice, versus -- a big bottle of juice, versus a juice box, cut it with water and put it in a reusable bottle. >> any grocery store can you buy these things. >> same with awful these things. >> just had to get that out. that is ingeneralious in a simple way. >> it saves you time and will save you money. so instead of buying tons of juice boxes, cut it corning cut the sugar out that way. buy in bulk. and buy thicks that you can easily throw in that are still nutritious like these sort of happy tot things and you can throw into the lunch box the night before. another option is just actually how you organize your fridge.
4:52 am
when we are talking about little ones, they are usually on the shorter side. put some things in here that they can grab and go to, cheese sticks, yogurt things. you will see what is missing and when you need to add something to your list. >> perfect. >> i hear a lot of parents say they kids love the sugar laden food and calorie laden food that is served at school. i talk to them and say organize a time to make the lunches for your kids. if you are a working parent, weekends or night times are great times inform your kid is old enough, involve them in the process. sleets a say your child -- let's say your child loves the chocolate chip cookies. take some time and make it on the weekend, and freeze it. then can you take one out at a
4:53 am
time and you save the problem of time. >> this is perfect. i love each and every one of these tips. how do we get to your blog? >> you go to my web site which is w. with that w.rachel- and there is a link on there. >> i will be becoming a member of -- i will be subscribing to that blog. i need it. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you very much. much. >> all right, allison. thank you so much. we want to let you know about something special going on here at fox 5. our annual stuff a truck campaign. it is going to happen this try at the giant food locations on your screen. brentwood, hyattsville, montrose crossing and the greenbriar shopping center. this benefits the capital area food bank and we do hope to see you on friday. coming up, a thrilling come
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from behind win for the redskins. we'll show you how some fans enjoyed the teen's first win in nearly two months. can you believe it's been that long? we'll be right back.
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and they dry two times better. and they're shiny. that is shiny. the fourth installment of the twilight franchise is the top money maker for the second straight week. debuting at number two, dais any's family flick, the muppets with $29.5 million rounding out the top five. happy feet 2, arthur christmas and hugo. in sports now, the redskins won finally. that means they are no longer alone in last place in the nfc east. the philadelphia eagles lost again yesterday, this time to the new england patriots 38- 206789 they are now tied with the skins for last place.
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during the game, eagles fans are starting chanting fire andy, referring to coach andy reed. we have a report. >> reporter: after six straight losses, the redskins pull off a close victory over the seahawks giving the fans something to cheer about. the washington redskins fight song could be heard loud and clear in bars in bethesda after the big win today. fans very excite about the outcome. >> it is amazing. i love the skins. i live in new york. it is hard to be a skins fan. i'm so happy. hail! >> go skins! >> i feel really good. i'm really glad we won. it is really great it is in memory of don taylor. >> it is good to win a game. it is good to hang out and seat redskins win. >> the win was exceptional. it is so great to see them win.
4:58 am
>> reporter: some did have different opinions on the reason for the win. >> fred davis played well. i think the receives are were catching balls so it looked okay. >> deangelo hall finally hay good game. >> i like helu. i think he should be our starter. >> reporter: although most people would be flattered to be compared tie famous athlete, this fan not so much. >> i am a huge redskins fan and i sometimes get that i look like rex grossman which is unfortunate, but what are you going do? >> reporter: the majority of fans did not have high hopes for the team to make the playoffs this season but a few didn't count the home team out yet. the burgundy and gold's last victory was october 2nd. after 57 days, the fans finally remember what a win feels
4:59 am
like. a another comeback win for tim tebow. the broncos won 16-13. he is now 5-1 as denver's starting quarterback. the broncos have won four straight and are in the hunt for the playoffs. we still have plenty head. your weather, traffic and awful your top stories. fox 5 morning news continues right now. now. that is a symbol of washington, d.c. right there, pretty much. the washington monument front and center on this monday morning. clear skies out there. it is november 28th. hopefully, you are all recovered from the long thanksgiving holiday weekend and ready to get back to work. good morning. thank you for being with us on this monday morning. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> you have a good thanksgiving? >> i had a good thanksgiving. and you? >> i did as well. i think i started to recover from the turkey, the stuffing, the pie. >> it takes


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